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Becoming Solution-Focused In Brief Therapy

Rather, he stated, it is a description of a way of talking with clients. It is still influenced by his earlier more problem focused ideas and in it the reader can almost witness the birth of Solution Focused Brief Therapy. Clues: Investigating Solutions in Brief Therapy is his clearest representation of the approach, while Putting Difference to Work began to introduce some of the philosophical and linguistic underpinnings to the model that were more fully developed in Words were Originally Magic His work focuses on the development of a model that within the period of his study became influential throughout the world.

The last book to feature writing by de Shazer, as mentioned above, has elements of a manualised approach.

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The Solution Focused approach is also extending beyond the therapy room, as evidenced by books on coaching, organisational work, and management. She has focused through a large part of her career on working with survivors of sexual abuse. Her books make the convincing case for the possibility of using Solution Focused Brief Therapy in an area of work that many people instinctively assume not to be appropriate for a Solution Focus. An important text on work with long term users of mental health services is that by Simon and Nelson Thomas and Cockburn have written for pastoral care-givers, and work with couples is the focus of Connie's excellent and concise volume Solution Building Couples Therapy The largest growing area of publication is in relation to work with children and young people.

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There are several US publications, including Metcalf , and and Kelly and others Durrant looks at residential care. Simon published on work in end-of-life and grief counselling, and the first book focusing on the LGBT community was published by Ouer in There have been books on the application of Solution Focus to groupwork by Sharry and Metcalf! For U. Jacob has made a significant contribution to the challenging field of eating disorders.

Of particular interest to social workers, among others, is Shennan and Walsh The wide ranging Handbook featuring a number of UK practitioners has already been mentioned. Solution Focus has also spawned its own crop of self-help books. A Practical Guide to Child Psychology. Kairen Cullen. Eda Goldstein. Ann Weiser Cornell. Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy. Thomas J. Overcoming Resistance. Ronald Mah. DBT Principles in Action.

Charles R. Psychodynamic Techniques. Karen J.

1st Edition

Restoration Therapy. Terry D. Discover Counselling: Flash. Aileen Milne. JoAnne Dahl. If Only I Had Known Susanne Methven. Healing Tasks. James I. Advanced Play Therapy. Dee Ray. Bob Bertolino.

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The Social Psychology of Creativity. Teresa M. The Art and Science of Valuing in Psychotherapy. A Counseling Skills Primer. D Nina Spadaro. Overcoming Resistance in Cognitive Therapy. Robert L. Joseph V. The Supervisory Relationship. Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea. Self-Esteem and Positive Psychology, 4th Edition. Christopher J. Strategies That Promote Student Engagement. Ernestine G. Advanced Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Darrah Westrup.

Steven T. Removing the Mask of Kindness. Les Barbanell.

Creative Activities for Group Therapy. Nina Brown. A Roadmap for Couple Therapy. Arthur C. Phil Joyce. Object Relations Psychotherapy. Cheryl Glickauf-Hughes. Modes of Therapeutic Action. Martha Stark. Social Skills. Miguel D'Addario.

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