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The Traveling Gunsmith: Gunsmiths may be called to appraise and work on firearms away from the shop. Here are some insights and tales from having taken my skills on the road. It was derived from the Steyr Mauser rifle made for Columbia in caliber 7x57mm and then chambered for the German standard 7. Basically the 8x57 Mauser necked down, the 7x57 was designed in for a new Mauser rifle adopted the next year by the Spanish military, and was eventually used as the military cartridge of several other countries.

The magnificent 7x57 mauser: reloading a classic with current bullets and powders. Dictionary browser? Full browser? Mauser BYF P.

Mauser Company Overview: Not Your Ordinary Run-Of-The-Mill Gunmaker

Model Springfield Bolt-action Rifle, 20th century, serial number ,. Note: FFL. Three Siamese Model Type 45 Bolt-action Rifles, early 20th century, serial numbers in Siamese script, 8x50mm caliber, hardwood stocks, one with leather sling, overall lg. Note: More Three Mauser-type Bolt-action Military Rifles, a Brazilian Model rifle, serial number B, 7x57mm caliber, walnut stock, leather sling, mismatched bolt, overall lg. Seven Bolt-action Rifles, 20th century, two Chinese Type 53 rifles, serial numbers , and A, 7. Stevens Arms and Tool Co.

Model gauge Double-barrel Shotgun and a Mauser-style Bolt-action gauge Single-barrel Shotgun, 20th century, Stevens serial number , walnut stock, More Sporterized Krag Jorgensen Bolt-action Rifle, c. Search All Lots.

View: per page 30 60 BP BP. Search Your search has returned results. From to about , military Mausers were built in considerable variety. All specifications called for minimum vise-secured accuracy level under two minutes of angle. Most performed better. There were no mystery alloys used in Model 98 Mausers, and if the odd stamped or roughly soldered or welded part found its way onto a wartime K98k, it was always someplace where it bore little stress.

Most original specification rifles from about through World War II used what are today considered rather primitive ordnance steels, but carefully heat-treated so that while the core remained very soft, the surface was often as high as 62 on the Rockwell C scale. FN rifles and many from Eastern Europe used tighter dimensional tolerances overall, used far more sophisticated metallurgy, and show lower hardness figures.

However, this latter group comprises generally superior actions, far more durable. I am often compelled to repeat to shooters and collectors that hardness very decidedly is not strength; most materials in use today develop their strengths at hardness levels way below the vogue of forty years ago, and are, in fact, dangerous at high hardness levels.

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Hardness is relevant in any respect only to a given material in a given application and lately, more often than not, optimum strengths are obtained at levels far below what was popular thirty to forty years ago. When someone in a gun store begins to talk hardness level as some kind of quality determinant, your best response is to turn on your heel and leave.

The very strongest bolt actions in the world, the Japanese Arisakas, are quite soft. Dimensions, design, venting and strength determine the overall safety and quality of a rifle action; hardness alone as a factor is bunk.


The engineering factors which made the M98 a landmark were simple progressions from the M— designs, but they were significant enough that few countries could avoid discarding whatever they had been using to adopt the new system. Rifles just three to ten years old in military service became second-line materiel in most of the world. In terms of safety under rough conditions and rapid-fire, though, the Model 98 stood alone. It surprises many collectors and shooters that relatively few Mausers were actually built by the designing firm.

But almost from the beginning, demand was so vast and deep that firms in Europe and elsewhere were licensed to produce the guns.

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The Mauser originals — 7. And by the late s, another World War later, such a catalog was literally impossible. Many countries had ordered rifles in that period from several manufacturers and in several configurations and lengths. Rifles were also refurbished, of course, and calibers were sometimes changed.

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Brazil, at one time or another, for example, ordered quantities of rifles from virtually all the major European manufacturers and in began to manufacture receivers at Itajuba Arsenal. There are also differences in overall configuration, but the ring size is readily discernible and is, therefore, the main identifier.

The standard action is 8. The truly short or miniature actions and the magnum length units are either carefully modified and sectioned militaries or civilian actions. Virtually any Model 98 action that has been checked for cracks and has been rebarreled with correct headspace is quite safe for any standard cartridge which can be stuffed into it.

Smiths have become adept at opening up magazines and adapting receivers even to the longer magnum rounds. But I have always been fond of shooting military rifles, in general, and Mausers, in particular, in their original configurations. The performance is surprising, the variety amazing, and the original cartridges are at least as good as the and 7. The first big batch of Mausers to enter the U. So the variety was startling.

Mauser Rifles and Pistols by Smith W H B

Since these rifles saw as much as sixty years of hard duty, most were pretty beat up, though some were far better than average. These were mostly rebuilt in Yugoslavia, and to very high standards. There were several variants, including the enormous quantity of VZ. Century International Arms supplied virtually all the Latin American Mausers pictured within this article. And why not? Foreign contracts were open to competitive commercial bid and nothing was locked in automatically. Most were made to very high standards, like the best sporting rifles of the period.